Frequently Asked Questions

Are your facilities safe?
All of our facilities are only accessible with a personalized access code, are well lit and have cameras throughout. In addition, our staff performs multiple facility inspections to ensure equipment is working properly, no lease violations are taking place and all units are locked properly.

Do you offer vehicle storage?
Yes, we offer storage for cars, boats, campers, RV's and trailers. Please call us and provide us with the length of your vehicle so that we can give you pricing and availability.

What items do you prohibit from being stored?
Illegal substances, perishable or food items, explosives, paint, varnish, thinner, gasoline and/or any other highly flammable materials.

Do you have any units with electric?
Yes, our Hinckley facility offers units with electric. Lease holders are subject to an electric deposit and monthly electric fee. Please call us for availability.

What do I need to do in order to move in?
We are currently offering online move ins and curbside service. All of the forms you may need can be found in the "Forms" drop box on the homepage. Please call our offices to inquire about which forms apply to your specific needs.

When is my due date?
Due dates are based on move in dates and therefore are different for each tenant. 10 days prior to your due date, you will receive an invoice via email.

How can I pay?
Payments can be made by cash, money order, check and debit/credit card. Payments can be made through auto pay, over the phone, left in our drop boxes and online.

Why do you require insurance?
Since tenants care enough about their belongings to store them, we believe the items are worth insuring. While the company has insurance to insure the property, we do not cover a tenant's contents of their unit and therefore require the tenant to do so.

I measured the inside of my unit, why does it not equal the distance advertised?
All of our units are measured from the outside of the unit and fall within the industry standard for measuring. Our unit sizing is approximate for this reason. We encourage those who are interested in renting with us to view the space prior to the move in process to ensure that it meets their needs.

I moved out, why am I still being billed?
We require written notice for all move outs 7 days prior. Please complete Intent to Vacate Form which can be found in the Storage Tools drop down menu on our homepage, in the Welcome Folder provided to you or outside of our offices in the flyer box. This form can be emailed to us or left in our drop boxes. As soon as we receive the completed paperwork, our office will process the move out accordingly.

My rent is not that late, why am I locked out of the facility?
Once a tenant has entered the late period, they are locked out of the facility and their unit until the account has a $0 balance.

Where can I dispose of my trash from my unit?
There are no trash bins at our facilities. All trash must be taken with you or for bigger jobs please consider using a trash removal service like JDog Junk Removal at (844) 438-5364.

Can I leave my vehicle parked in front of my unit while I leave the facility for other errands? No, to allow plenty of room for other tenants to access their units and for the safety and security of all, vehicles may only be left in front of a unit while moving in or out or while you're in your unit.

Can I bring my pet with me?
No. We treat our facilities with pest control which is unsafe for animals?

I am experiencing financial troubles, what do I do? Remain in contact with us and we will do our absolute best to work with you. Please visit our Pay Online tab for more options.

What are your office hours and are you open to the public? Each location's office hours can be found in the Locations Drop Down Menu on our homepage. For the safety of our staff and tenants we are not completely open to the public or walk-ins. Please call us.